Obedience is a fun and rewarding sport for you and your dog(s).  Dog obedience is one of the oldest competition sports and will show how well your dog can perform on and off leash, sitting, jumping, staying and so much more.  As you can imagine this is all about testing how obedient and well trained your dog is and how well you perform as a Team!  If you dog is well mannered, well behaved and well trained you should really consider competing in Obedience Trails!

Your dog must have an American Kennel Club (AKC) number to compete in Obedience and remember any dog can get an AKC number. 


mkc obedience dogs



Standard Schnauzer

 CH Blackhawk Grimm's Fairy Tales CGC, RN,BN,TKN, CAA, RATN, Herding Inst.   

Grimm 2nd place obedience at Savannah Kennel Club trial 2013.



Terrier Mix  

November 2018 Columbus Kennel Club

Rags places in Beginner Novice Obedience classes