Dock diving

If your dog loves the water and loves to retrieve, then the fun sport of dock diving should be tried! The AKC began recognizing titles of the new North America Diving Dogs (NADD) organization in June 2014, so now you can also add a dock jumping title to your dog’s AKC records. The sport is open to all dogs, including mixed-breeds.  Remember, even a mixed breed can get an AKC number for their dog to compete!

You bring your dog up on the dock, use a toy to get them motivated to jump, and then throw the toy in the water. The dog jumps.  You both have fun.

The most popular activity in dock diving is Distance Jumping, the equivalent of the long jump in track/field but jumping for Air Retrieval is offered as well.   


mkc dock diving dogs

Gypsy Rose

Dock Diving Dog Macon Kennel Club

Standard Schnauzer

 Photo taken by Kim Langevin 

Cairo, GA Sept 2018



Terrier Mix

 2016 Rags earns her NADD Dock Diving Senior Title



Australian Shepherd

Earned Novice Title



 Australian Shepherd

Earned Novice Title



 Australian Shepherd

Earned Novice Title